XPS Toolbox

Free Limited Access to the XPS Toolbox™

Guides you through a technical review of your processes

Identifies efficiency improvement best practices that are specific to your manufacturing processes

The XPS Toolbox™ has Three Powerful Tools:
Process Optimization

Process Optimization XPS™

Ultimate optimization tool. Includes Capacity Increase, Process Design, Downtime Prevention, Quality Improvement and Safety Improvement.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainable Manufacturing XPS™

Process efficiency tool for Material Waste and Energy Reductions, Emissions Reduction, Hazardous Material Usage Reduction, and Water Usage Reduction.


Troubleshooting XPS™

Technical resource to get your process back up and running quickly and to minimize process upset conditions.

Why do I need the XPS Toolbox?

XPS Toolbox process efficiency improvement best practices are generated by a logic rule based approach. This approach is thorough to prevent any missed opportunities and personal biases.

Increase Process Efficiency

Simple to Use / Fast Actionable Results

Improve manufacturing efficiency and reduce costs

The implementation of just one free best practice can easily save thousands of dollars per year.

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