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A Focus on Process Efficiency Can Reduce Costs And Improve Sustainability Outcomes

The Process Efficiency Network provides an easy access point to technical process efficiency knowledge and information.

Magnitude of Hazardous Waste Generation

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In the United States, there are over 100,000 environmental professionals working hard every day to comply with Federal, State and local environmental regulations and environmental permits. Despite their best efforts, a substantial amount of land, air and water pollution is generated.

According to the Federal Register, there are approximately 160,000 sites generating 11.8 billion pounds of hazardous waste each and every year. Additionally, it is costing manufactures hundreds of billions of dollars each and every year to generate this waste!

EPA Waste Management Hierarchy

The EPA encourages source reduction as the most environmentally preferred pollution reduction strategy.  However, from a review of 175 sustainability scorecards shown in annual reports, less than 7% reported any source reduction activities.

EPA Waste Hierarchy

Source Reduction:

Differs from all of the other categories because the waste is not created in the first place.  All of the other categories deal with what to do with a waste after it is generated.


PROCOR™ is the founder of the Process Efficiency Network™. The Network is designed to help manufacturing professionals reduce waste and cost in their processes by providing a Network of experts and information on process efficiency.

We have spent more than three decades helping manufacturing facilities in over 100 different industries improve process efficiency to reduce wasted materials, energy and pollution.

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